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 ICNC PURCHASES LAND.(Al Hamdo lillah)


 All praise and thanks belong to Allah swt, who through his mercy and blessings  has made this purchase  possible in less than two years after our first Land Purchasing Fundraiser in Aug, 2000. and in just over three years of forming the non profit organization. Allah swt is helping us and we are continuing our work to please Allah and offer Islamic services to our muslim community.  We will inshah Allah be now focusing on continuing to:

1.     Develop and retain a (Jamaat) team of God Conscious Aakhirah Driven, intelligent and non political muslims.

2.     We will cut down on some services that did not sustain muslim families interests.

3.     We will inshahAllah continue to provide, marriage and shaahadah services,relationship counseling on Fridays and impart Islamic knowledge to those who are seeking it to understand Islam through special classes ,presentations throughout the year.

4.     We like to  thank more than 500 families throughout United States who have contributed to this effort in terms of money, time and resources and ideas.

      5. We strongly urge and remind all previous donors to continue giving as much money as they can to complete this project of building an Islamic Center in Poway, California.

Today, by the permission of Allah, we have completed the first phase of  a major project in the history of San Diego Muslim community. We are delighted and want to share our happiness with the rest of the Muslim community. We pray that May Allah  carry us through this second phase with His special protection,inspiration,dedication,commitment and desire to establish and secure Islam through our collective efforts. As always the forces of disruption,including shaitan and insaan who are prompted by shaitanic whisperings will be in our way, but we will face, expose and struggle with them as previously, and continue our efforts to invite people towards the doing of Good and rejecting evil.

In order to minimize unnecessary monthly rental expenses, we have decided to move our weekly prayer meetings on Friday  in Poway at a more economical location.

This location is located at 13495 Poway Road in Creekside Shopping Center at the intersection of Poway Road and Community Road. The Community center is located between Baskin Robbins and Boll Weevill Restaurant  to the right of the amphitheater. Our website www.icnc.ws will be updated soon with directions and other program information.

We are now asking people to sign up for  a monthly pledge for any amount, however small to continue our efforts in this noble Aakhirah work and to send in their suggestions and interests of being part of this volunteer team. Your suggestions and donations can be mailed to our interim office at 13592 Quiet hills drive, Poway CA 92064. Please leave all messages at our old phone/fax number 858-513-2733.

We are also considering looking at other locations close to the freeway  to increase our Friday attendance and provide a shorter commute to people who work between Poway and Escondido.

Funds raised will be first use to pay off a small  loan that was needed to complete the purchase of the land and then in planning,development , permits and design of  a new facility, inshahAllah. You are encouraged to set aside and donate for your Aakhirah a regular monthly donation to cover these costs. May Allah give you a better reward and increase your taqwa(God Consciousness) and Love (mohabbah) of Rasool Allah (saw).

 In the upcoming months , as volunteers sign up we will hold a meeting at the purchased site and offer prayers and thanks to Allah swt. Lot of help is needed to organize, invite and plan for this event, we are looking for sincere muslims to come forward and help us with this important event. We are also asking other masajids to announce this event and are encouraging them to participate in this happy occasion. Time, date and details will be available at our website http://www.icnc.ws

Here is a list of services ICNC provides to the Community:

1. Juma Prayers
2. Sunday Islamic School
3. Friday Lunch
4. Sunday Morning Dawa Sessions
5. Sunday Evening Maghrib Quran Tafseer Video Program by Dr. Israr Ahmed
6. Marriage and relationship Counselling
7. Marriage and Shahadah Ceremonies and certificates
8. Special assistance to poor families for clothing and household items
9. Hajj and Umra certificates for Saudi Counsellates
10. Volunteer Intern Summer Teaching Program For Youth
11. Monthly newletter mailed to over 400 families in and out of San Diego
12. ICNC website
13. Oppurtunities to Muslims to become Juma Khateebs
14. employment oppurtunities for Teachers in Sunday Islamic School
15. Oppurtunities for muslims to use the center for educational and worship purposes.
16. A gathering place for the muslim community in case of Marriage, Aqeeqa, Eid, Ramadan Iftars and Taraweeh Programs.
17. Eid functions / celebrations / children gift programs on Eid
18.Funeral Services through MOSD
19.Monthly Potlucks in Process
20. Youth Programs in Process
21. Oppurtunity to pray 5 times a day to people who Volunteer
22. Presentation to Schools, Universities and Local/ Foreign institutions on Islam.
23. Special Inhouse Presentation on Islam to church groups or other interesed groups on specific subjects or general subjects on Islam.
24. Assistance in Performin hajj and Hajj applications and contacts.
25. Help to Muslim and Non muslim businesses in advertising their products or services to the local community to promote their business.

New programs at ICNC Begining 1st week of October

Special Programs

Thursday 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Quran Hifz (Memorizing Quran) for all ages and levels
Friday : 12:15 PM- 12:40 PM  Introduction to Islam Video, all brothers and sisters are welcome, dress casual.
Friday : 12:45 PM - 1:15 PM  Bringing people close to god, Lecture/Khutba
Friday : 1:15 PM -1:20 PM Juma prayer, Friday prayer.
Friday : 1:25 PM - 2:00 PM Lunch.
Friday : 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Interviews/question answers with ICNC spokes person Imam Syed (Media/Teachers/Any person) walk in basis. All are welcome to join.
Saturday 10:30 AM - 1:00 PM Children Islamic school for ages 4-14 (For low income families).
Sunday Morning 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM Video on Introduction to Islam followed by Questions and Answers by appointment, call ICNC at (858) 513 2733.
Sunday Morning 10:30 AM - 1:00 PM Children Islamic School for ages 4-14.
Sunday 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM Learning to speak and understand Arabic language for brothers and sisters. Special class for women and children
Tuesday 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Learning to speak and understand Arabic language for brothers and sisters. Special class for women and children
Note: The classes for Arabic speaking and Quran Hifz class are conducted by Sheikh Abdul Basir (Alazhar Graduate in Sharia and Hafize Quran)

For more information please call ICNC at (858) 513 2733. or call Imam Syed on (619) 540 5586.